Oh hey there!  Sooo are you doing a grand exit after your ceremony?!  If you aren’t well, you totally should.  I like it to rain glitter buttt some of your guests might not like that.  In my opinion, paper confetti is the next best thing!  Cut up some paper in your color scheme, put them in a plastic container and let your guests throw until their hearts content.  Plus you are going to get some awesome photos!

Oh, PS you should totally hire Laurenda Marie Photography to take said photos because she is the and she took all the photos below. Her style is light, airy, soft, beautiful.  What can I say, I’m a fan.

So to get the dets, this DIY is super complicated {sarcasm}, on the supplies used, first take a gander at these beautiful photos for some inspiration for your wedding day, then get them afterwards!



  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • White Alphabet Stickers
  • Plastic tube


  • Cut paper into small squares (small enough to fit into the opening of the tube), mix colors together.
  • Add “hooray” with the white alphabet stickers to each plastic tube.
  • Fill plastic tube with confetti.
  • Watch as your guests throw the confetti with excitement because YOU’RE MARRIED!



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