Oh hey there!  How have you been?  My life has been crazy busy!  But I sorta love it?  I feel like I get more accomplished when I’m busy because I have little time to waste.  Ya feel?!  Anyways, so do you remember that new DIY series that the talented Laurenda Marie Photography and I are doing?!  I know you didn’t forget!  In case you didn’t see the coconut mojito post, have no fear, it’s posted here.  Yes,  I did intend to rhyme. This second post is coming just in time for that Easter brunch or dinner. Your guests are going to be super impressed with you!  We bring you floral napkin rings, gosh, I just can’t get over how much I like these!  Good work me!  So I am calling all the brides (and hostesses) because I am absolutely in love with these.  The how-to instructions are after the beautiful photos of the final product.  PS. Wrapping your utensils in froufrou chic ribbon is always a good idea…oh and so are pink tulips!



Foliage (I used baby eucalyptus)
Floral Snips
Floral Wire (22 gauge)
Wire cutter
Cut foliage with floral snips to about 4 inches in length.  Start the floral wire about 1/2 inch down on the foliage, wrap the wire every 1/2 inch until you reach the end.  Cut wire with wire cutter and bend each end in to avoid sharp edges from sticking out!
Pinch the center of the napkin and grab half way down way.  Wrap foliage around napkin in either a circle or spiral fashion.



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