Hey, ya’ll!  Jumping on here really quick to make sure you are enjoying today!  Today I had a super surreal moment.  A “is this real life moment”.  I took a step back and realized that this life is pretty amazing.  If I am going to be honest, life is kind of bumpy right now.  We have a lot of uncertainties that are just kind of hanging over us and it is mega stressing me out.  But today I realized that I am letting these things consume my life.  Behind the stressful uncertainties there are things that remain stable and will continue to remain stable for my entire life.  My family, friends and my faith (no, I didn’t just pick those three because they all start with the letter “F”).  These three are solid and unwavering, and part of me thinks I am missing out on the things that make life so great because I am so stressed. I realized that I am clearly not taking my own advise of praying more and worrying less (still praying but STILL worrying). Pssssss, you can find that post here!

Anyways, sometimes I feel like we are present in our life with our bodies but not mentally, and that needs to change.  Do all that you can to turn your life into something that is fun and less stressful but once it is out of your hands, let it go.  What is meant to be will happen and what isn’t, well it won’t happen.

So today I really realized that I need to be seriously thankful for the good people in my life and the guy upstairs because without them life wouldn’t be much fun.  Life won’t always be completely stress free, there is always a bill that needs to be paid or maybe someone has come down with a nasty bug, but if we dwell on those things they will consume our life and the stresses will continue because we are mentally focused on them.  So forget what makes your mind go crazy and start to focus on what really makes you happy because they are the things that will help you get over whatever obstacle stands in your way.




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