Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Psalm 55:22

Happy Friday, ya’ll.  I have to admit that I have been wanting to write this blog post for quite some time now.  I finally sat down and put some intentional time aside and really dove into what “Pray more, worry less” actually means.  The statement means letting go of the things you can’t control.  This statement is a large pill to swallow by someone who likes to be in control of most things.  After a long conversation with a great friend the statement kind of hit home.  We can’t control everything, we don’t have the physical power or emotional power to mold every single aspect of our life to the way we want it to be.  And that is ok because that isn’t how life should be.

While I have always had a strong faith in God I have always had a difficult time letting go of control, I have never sat back and said “take the wheel (thanks Carrie Underwood) and do whatever needs to be done, I can’t handle this by myself.”  I have always thought talking worked in stressful time (I know, you are completely shocked!  What me talk?  No, I don’t believe you.  Hahaha sarcasm at its finest).  Like if I just tell people how I feel and what I can do and what bothers me and what makes me happy, then things will instantly change, right?  No, that is not how it works.  So if you are someone that likes control, take it from someone who is the same, let it go, let it go (sorry, Frozen got in my head…that dang song, it was everywhere, but I haven’t actually seen the movie…weird).  But seriously, let it go, when I finally came to terms with it it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I didn’t have to worry about the things I couldn’t control.

The additional time gave me more energy to put into things that were in my control.  While I can’t control how my business does in the off season or what unexpected events happen each day, I can control my attitude, how I contribute to society and make the world a better place and how I act in my marriage and my relationships.   Those things are in my control and are the most important things.  While we can be viewed and measured by our success, the thing that is remembered long after we are gone is our personality and how we had grace when dealing with messy situations. We should want to be remembered by those things and not by fame and fortune.

So leave the things that are out of your control to God and only be concerned about the things that you can control.  Trust me, it will save you a whole lot of worry and wrinkles!  But always remember, pray more and worry less.



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