So I am kind of getting on here on a whim.  Usually I have my posts planned out but today I just wanted to talk, talk to you!  I wanted to talk about living intentionally or living with a purpose. I am not trying to be all serious with ya’ll but I seriously like this philosophy of living.  My brain is constantly thinking, like the spaghetti analogy for women is for real.  But right now in my life, I try to make sure the things that I do, I do them with intention.  I am definitely still working on this but I like to think I am making progress.  I always want my actions to improve my life, whether it be in my marriage, with my friends, my family, my business or my health. Like if I sit on my butt on my couch for three days straight doing nothing but binge watching Netflix, then I am probably not making a positive impact on the above.  Now don’t get me wrong, sitting down and relaxing by binge watching Netflix for one night is fine.  Your body and mind needs to relax and take a break, otherwise you will get burned out and never get anything done.

But make sure your actions serve a purpose, a purpose of making yourself a better person or making the world a better place.  The purpose of every single action doesn’t need to be life changing or huge, it can be insanely small but you are making a positive impact on something rather than a negative one.

“That was the day she made herself the promise to live more from intention and less from habit.”

Most importantly, don’t let life ever become a habit, because that means you are doing life mindlessly and that is boring.  Do things that challenge you and make you think, always aim to become smarter, to learn something every day.  The world is such a beautiful place and people do beautiful things every day, don’t get so caught up in your life that you miss out on things!



ps. sorry if my thoughts were all over the place!  Told you I wanted to just talk :).

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