Hey ya’ll.  Happy Monday!!  How was your weekend?  Friday the 13th totally kicked my toosh.  I was going to do a personal and super cheery #fridayintroductions but life got in the way and the weekend happened and here we are now!

So I was thinking when I was having my not-so-good Friday the 13th, man there are people who have it way worse than me.  Like nothing that happened to me was major.  As I was in my sour mood I was reminded of a quote I adore,

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

Gosh, I can’t say how true this is.  People always put on a good face. When you ask them how they are, they always say fine.  But sometimes they aren’t fine.  So I encourage you to be the highlight of someone’s day (lord knows I needed it on Friday).  Even if that someone is a complete stranger.  Tell someone you really like their outfit or their hair color really brings out their eyes.  Just say something nice, go out of your way to be kind!  You never know, maybe that person was really self conscious of the outfit they choose to wear and stepping out in it was a HUGE thing for them.  And you just made their confidence level go way up (and made their day) by taking 2 seconds out of your day to say something nice.  It was little for you but you made their entire day, maybe their entire week.

This thought for the day can also go another route.  Maybe someone was being a bully, someone you didn’t even know.  But you have no idea what is going on in their life.  Maybe they just lost out on the promotion they have been working years for….maybe their kid just took a spill in the driveway and broke their arm; now they have a kid in pain and medical bills.  So yea, they were short with you but have grace with them because they need an uplifting spirit.

So always remember that kindness is the new black, it never goes out of style.



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