What is my greatest memory this year?  What was the one thing that made 2016 one of the scariest yet most fulfilling years of my life?  The greatest memory of 2016 was the first Monday my passion became my career.  The first Monday I didn’t have to go sit in an office doing the same thing I do every single day, stare at a computer screen.  That was the best moment, that was the moment I knew I could do anything I set my mind to.  I wasn’t fearful, I wasn’t scared.  Have you ever had that moment?  It feels great.

I am a huge people pleaser and I used to be someone who took people’s opinions to heart, I know freakin worst idea in the world of bad ideas. That idea would be the king of the worst ideas.  When I was younger I was always scared of my actions being cool enough, would me walking out in those dark pink corduroy pants get a laugh?  Just writing that has made me laugh!  But pursuing this dream has really gotten me out of my shell, I don’t give two cahoots about what others think of me.  Now if you think I am a selfish bitch, then I care about that; but if you think my hair looks weird, nope I don’t care.  I need to do what makes me happy.

I encourage you to do the same.  I encourage you to not be afraid, to let fear hold you back.  If something were to happen tomorrow, would you regret anything?  Would you feel like you accomplished everything you wanted to?  What was holding you back; was it something silly?  Was it just because you were scared of what others thought of you?  Don’t, don’t be scared. If you let fear be the only thing that is keeping you from doing everything you love, then you are the only one holding you back.  What if you could be a doctor, a radio host, a meteorologist, a blogger but you are too scared to go for it.  What would your life be like if nothing held you back?  Envision it; do you love it?  It looks pretty great doesn’t it!

Don’t be scared to reach for the stars.



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